Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scholarship applications due April 30th

The David Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund Board chooses an Eleanor Roosevelt High School senior each year to receive a scholarship for tuition assistance in continuing higher education.  

To be considered for this year's scholarship, please fill out the application form by April 30th.

The award recipient is recognized for his/her average to above average academic standing with greater emphasis given to those qualities that David possessed: active involvement in religious community, leadership in civic community and participation in individual and team sports.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Visit our Exhibit at the Greenbelt Library: December 2012

We've been sending ERHS graduates to college since 1986.

See our exhibit this month in the Greenbelt Library to read some of the history of the scholarship, see the names of all of our awardees, and to find out more about how to apply.

To donate, contact or call Doug Mangum at 301-474-7874.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Washington Post highlights the David Craig Memorial Scholarship

Cooking up college scholarships 
The Washington Post Sunday9 Sep 2012The “Raider Roast,” held Sept. 1 in Greenbelt, drew family and friends of 1979 Eleanor Roosevelt High School graduate David Craig and grateful recipients of the awards that honor his life and spirit. 1. Towson student Sean Whitelock and 2012 David... read more... 

Katelyn Colleen Fosta selected as the 2012 recipient

On May 17th at the Eleanor Roosevelt High School's Senior Awards Ceremony, the David Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund announced that Katelyn Colleen Fosta has been selected the 2012 receipient.  Katelyn the captain of both the softball and swimming teams also competed in soccer and cross country.  Outside of ERHS she participates in sports as a member of the Laurel swim team and with the Adelphi/Beltsville boys and girls club.  It is safe to say she truly enjoys all aspects of athletic competition.  She was P.G. County's Girl of the Year in 2008.  Dedication and willingness are words used to describe her tremendous attributes throughout her personal reference letters.  Letters tell numerous stories of leadership traits and selfless acts in her school, her neighborhood, and her house of worship. 

Greenbelt Patch tells David's and the Scholarship's story

Friends Carry On 28-Year Vigil for Roosevelt Graduate David Craig

Though he died tragically in 1984, his friends refuse to forget the Greenbelter who wore "cocky" interview with the Fund's President, Doug Mangum on August 31, 2012.

Read more:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Application available online!

Our application is now available for download through google docs . You can print it out and fill out by hand or save it on your computer with your name, fill it out, and send it to us.

If you have any questions about the application, please feel free to contact Doug Mangum at 301-474-7874.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Raider Roast a big success! Please consider an end of the year donation to support Roosevelt students.

As we near the end of the year, please think of the David Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund to support this year! See the message below from our President, Doug Mangum, about our successful
Raider Roast this Labor Day -- See you there next year!

Hello Everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving and start to a joyous Holiday season.

As the christian church begins a new year on Sunday, and the Advent season begins with a mindset of preparation, I thought now was a good time to inform our donors of the DCMSF's preparations for 2012. The First Annual Raider Roast was a huge success both in funds raised and with participants attendance. We sold 263 tickets and with donations and auction sales we cleared over $7,000.00. We plan to have another celebration next Labor Day.

The Raider Roast and this Solicitation Letter are the Funds only means of current Fundraising. So as Americans begin to enjoy times with family and friends to cherish their blessings during the upcoming Holy Days it is our intent to enjoy and cherish the things we are doing in David's name as well as cherish the people responsible for these things. You are one of those people and we appreciate all that you contribute to this very good and meaningful cause.

Thank You!

Our fundraising campaign has kicked off and some of our donors will receive this email or a personal letter or both. Please consider us (The DCMSF) as one of those charities you hold dear to your heart. As always we are a non profit corporation under the laws of the state of Maryland and all gits are tax deductible. With this years past pay-outs we have granted over $100,000.00 in financial assistance for college over the period of 1986 to the present. Again that is due to your unwavering support. So if you are able to contribute this year, payments can be sent to the David Craig Memeorial Scholarship fund, P.O. Box 761, Greenbelt Maryland 20768.

Happy Holidays and may God Bless us All! Hammer!

Douglas A. Mangum, President, DCMSF