Monday, October 22, 2012

Katelyn Colleen Fosta selected as the 2012 recipient

On May 17th at the Eleanor Roosevelt High School's Senior Awards Ceremony, the David Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund announced that Katelyn Colleen Fosta has been selected the 2012 receipient.  Katelyn the captain of both the softball and swimming teams also competed in soccer and cross country.  Outside of ERHS she participates in sports as a member of the Laurel swim team and with the Adelphi/Beltsville boys and girls club.  It is safe to say she truly enjoys all aspects of athletic competition.  She was P.G. County's Girl of the Year in 2008.  Dedication and willingness are words used to describe her tremendous attributes throughout her personal reference letters.  Letters tell numerous stories of leadership traits and selfless acts in her school, her neighborhood, and her house of worship. 

Katelyn was one of nine applicants for this year's review. The DCMSF Board of Directors thanks all of them for the opportunity to learn what the seniors at ERHS are doing on and off campus to better our world.  The applicants continue to awe the Board with their vast experiences and tasks.  They should all be very proud of the way they conduct themselves, demonstrating maturity and enthusiasm while performing an array of volunteer services. We congratulate them all as well as the entire class of 2012 on their upcoming Graduation. 
Katelyn is amazing,  she is the In-school service committee head for National Honor Society, an officer at large for the Latin Honor Society and committee head and mentor for STEMS.  Katelyn has made a huge difference in all 3 of her communities, firstly at ERHS with leadership and diligence she maintained a GPA at or above 4.0 during her 4 years while participating in sports and other extracurricular activities.  She does not just show up, (she has perfect attendance), she is deeply involved with helping others as she improves herself.  Coach Delton Fuller said this about Katelyn in his reference letter, "Katelyn is an achiever.  Always looking for ways to hone her own skills but more importantly always willing to help a teammate that is struggling.  She has the respect of her teammates and her coaches not because she demands it but because she earned it through dedication, leadership, and hard work."  As a student in the Science and Technology curriculum (a techie) she currently was doing her internship through the Watershed Integrated Service Project where she tested chemical properties.  Her school counselor Ms Leah Osuntuyi said this, "Katelyn is a well rounded student who is involved in many extracurricular activities.  A young woman of exceptional intellect with a wide variety of talents and interests.  Her outstanding passion and drive is exceptional."

Secondly at University U.M.C. she has been a leader within the youth group, a  member (the youngest) for a multi-generational committee worship task force to determine ways to enhance the worship experience.  Katelyn gives her time and talents at UUMC, living out her faith enthusiastically through drama's, liturgical dance, inviting and welcoming friends and other youth's to church events.  Helping others by leading an annual fundraiser where proceeds went to places like New Orleans after Katrina. Cooking and serving dinner during the Safe Haven yearly mission that feeds the homeless.  Organizing and executing retreats and youth weekends, passionately participating in a knitting ministry where her sunny disposition energized the group.  Her commitment to these and many other aspects of church life are fully embraced with a joyful spirit of witness.   
 Thirdly in her Beltsville neighborhood where she is dedicated to serving in any and all capacities within the Boys and Girls Club.  Katelyn has coached, worked concessions, and helped with community clean-up operations.  The President Kimberly Thomas had this to say about Katelyn, "Her ability to organize a group of random people to make something happen is one reason I know that whenever I need something done for the club or the community, I can call on her and I do not have to follow up to make sure everything is done.Katelyn has always been one of the first people to volunteer to assist in any capacity needed."  
So no matter the location or the task at hand Katelyn serves where needed, when needed, at what is needed to the best of her abilities.  Her physical presence as well as her vocal presence (research practicum symposium presenter) are part of her character and personality traits that the Board admired and uplifted as those of which exemplify David at that age.  Katelyn is truly well rounded and a tremendous asset to her communities and will be able to continue with them as she attends the University of Maryland in the fall.         Staying close by has become a pattern with DCMSF receipients as we now have all four scholarship winners at UMCP.  Go TERPS!  
 If you would like to help with financial aid to our future DCMSF award winners you can send tax deductible gifts/donations made out to DCMSF at P.O. Box 761, Greenbelt Md 20768.  All amounts of contributions are welcome.  The scholarship fund was established in 1986 and continues to assist Eleanor Roosevelt seniors today and into tomorrow.