Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We have a Winner -- 2010 DCMSF Recipient

The David Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund decided on its 2010 receipient Tuesday May 11th, 2010. The selection committee's annual challenge to select a worthy candidate from a field of extraordinarily worthy candidates was extremely difficult. Two applicants seperated themselves from the field because of their leadership, and progressions of responsibility. Both candidates have been enriching their community circles (ERHS and Greenbelt Faith) and families due to active involvement in various endeavors for what seems like forever.
The two finalists, Erin Patricia Donn, a granddaughter of two long standing Greenbelt families and Jacob William (Boomer) Fletcher a life long resident of Greenbelt exude that Godly quality of "Love of Neighbor"! They both treasure the value of participation in vast communal activities and roles.
Boomer, the youngest child of 3 has excelled in his roles as Captain and catcher for the school's baseball team. President of the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Atheletes). Boomer's numerous positions within the JROTC include Saber Team member, Flight Commander, Honor Guard Drill Team member, Senior Enlisted Advisor, Honor Guard Commander, Deputy Operations Commander, and Vice Wing Commander. Jacob is also a member of Greenbelt's Youth Advisory Committee and a Life Guard at the GAFC. I have known Boomer since coaching him on an 11 and under Boys & Girls Club basketball team and found him to be a fun loving, hard practicing kid. Something from his application I did not know was shared by a fellow neighbor and school teacher that speaks volumes about who Jacob has become. The following is an excerp: Recently the principal of our school asked me if I could ask one of my former students to speak to teachers during the first week back at school. My first thought was to ask Jacob. Of course, he agreed even though it was summer and would require time and effort to write a short speech. Jacob's speech was inspirational. Many teachers were moved to tears. Jacob spoke of the people and events that motivated him to excel in school. He spoke of two groups of people: his teachers and his parents. He spoke about his own dedication to doing well: "I can tell you most of my friends had the same opportunities I had and the reason I stand here today is because of the choices I made. I stayed focused and developed goals for the things that I wanted." This defines Jacob as both a student and a teenager. Jacob set a goal of achieving straight A's and has met and exceded that goal.
Erin however, is the oldest child of 3 and has exemplified that role of big sister. Erin comes from a sports and recreation family background and her participation in soccer, lacrosse and cross country are evidence of that. Erin enjoys the social and communal aspect of Team as well as the motivational push her teammates provide.
Erin served as committee head for the Blood Drive Committee a position she states as having improved her leadership and organizational skills. Erin has surrounded herself with opportunities to help others. Erin appears to levitate and elevate to the areas of service to those in need. She is a founding member and current president of the Junior Sodality of St Hugh of Grenoble parish here in Greenbelt. She organized a toiletry drive, made Easter gifts for children, knitted pieces for assembly into blankets for injured soldiers and helped teach religious education classes. Girl Scouts has been a mainstay in Erin's life where she has participated in a bevy of community service projects. One of note was the collection of donations to purchase 200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to donate to the USO station at BWI airport. Erin is working towards her Gold Award (the highest honor earned by a Girl Scout) which requires a minimum of 120 hours to complete. The project must be one of sustainable benefit to the community. Erin is currently collecting children's books for this task. The list of selfless acts by this endearing and compassionate young women goes on and on. I have personally witnessed Erin's ability to connect with people of all ages and all backgrounds on numerous occassions. Erin sets a high standard for her siblings, her fellow scouts, especially the younger girls. Her fellow students, friends and neighbors. Erin personifies volunteerism and leadership by the example of "Let not be sayers of the word, but doer's of the word"!
Jacob and Erin made this years selection the most difficult the Board has had to make in recent memory. The entire field which included 9 Greenbelters was an amazing array of talented, well rounded, determined, selfless, engaged young people. Young people with big picture visions and open minded resolve. Unfortunately the DCMSF's bylaws only allows us to choose one. The 2010 DCMSF's receipient award goes to Miss Erin Donn.
Erin will receive the first allotment of the 4 year $2500.00 a year award on Saturday June 5th at 5:00pm during the DCMSF's 2nd Annual Receipients Reunion.
The Reunion will be held in Historic Roosevelt Center as part of the Greenbelt Day weekend celebration.
The DCMSF also moved to make a one time special dispensation gift of $1,000.00 to Jacob "Boomer" Fletcher to assist him with his Educational financial obligations. Boomer will be attending the University of Delaware, while Erin will be enrolled at the University of Maryland College Park campus for the fall. We wish them both well!
The DCMSF again thanks all the applicants, our generous donors and the Greenbelt community for keeping David's memory alive and vibrant.
To share in this valued community outreach send tax deductible contributions or
inquiries to DCMSF, P.O. Box 761, Greenbelt Maryland 20768.
Thank You!
Douglas A. Mangum
(this article was submitted to the Greenbelt News Review for publishing)